Let's Tell You a Skate Story

On a Mission to Create a Skate Brake.

VibeRide. An idea that started in a college dorm room, and ended up taking over a 20+ year skate design first sketched on a napkin in 1999.

We're stoked in 2023 to unveil the world's first universal longboard brake. It allows for full use of your board while also providing smooth speed control whenever you need it.

Made by Skaters, for Skaters.

Our founding team loves the exact same thrills as you. Located in the stunning mountain state of Utah and surrounded by epic downhill skate spots, we created longboard brakes to ride our dream hills. Now let's take it to the world.

Over 20 Years in the Making

timeline of design

Founding of Brakeboard

In 1999, Australian self-taught engineer Ben Newman founded Brakeboard to achieve the impossible in longboarding since its invention in the 1950s - a brake system. After years of dedication, the breakthrough first-gen prototype finally arrived in 2007 (pictured above).


Brakeboard launch

With the world's first commercial longboard brake finally stocked and ready, Brakeboard officially opened its doors for online orders through its website and Kickstarter campaign. The company made some waves, but never managed to spread the word wide enough.


Founding of VibeRide

VibeRide started at the University of Utah with a simple idea almost every skater has thought of: Longboards need brakes. This led to a 3-year engineering R&D journey, inventing many different forms of brakes along the way.


vibeRide acquires brakeboard

Upon realizing the immense potential of the Rat Brake, the founders of VibeRide™ negotiated a deal to acquire all of the designs and patents of Brakeboard. We then began our process of perfecting this already great design.


VibeRide launches upgraded design

After two more years of development, our engineers unveiled the new VibeRide Skate Brake™. With a complete overhaul of the Brakeboard energy transfer system, we were able to cut our part count by 30% and fix overheating issues, while increasing performance, part compatibility and hassle-free operation & maintenance.