VibeRide Matrix E-Board

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15 Mile Range


500W Dual Motor

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42V Hyper Battery

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25MPH Top Speed

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Hill Climb 25° 

The Class Leader in E-Boards

Dual 500W

Insane Motor Power


This 3-speed dual 500W system lets you cruise up to 25 MPH.


Fly up 22-degree hills with ease. Plus, carry up to 300lbs on 10-degree slopes.

5.2Ah 10S Battery

Incredible Range

15 Mile Max Range

Powered by a 5200mAh battery, you'll never have range axienty again. Plus, enjoy hyper-quick acceleration and a ~2-hour recharge time. 


Our 42V battery means the acceleration is more linear, smooth, and quicker than any other e-board of it's class.

10S2P Battery

This 218Wh battery output is 47% more powerful than the previous model 

Full Specifications

Motor Type

Brushless Dual 500W Motor

Top Speed

25MPH +

Hill Grade

22 Degree

Speed Levels

Variable 3-Speed

Brake System

Regenerative, Reverse Hub


The VibeRide Matrix is not your average e-board. It's designed to not only have class-leading speed & range, but also to carve and ride like a regular longboard. Starting with it's dual motor 500W system - Matrix can charge up hills and accelerate with force.

Flows Like A Classic Longboard


We put endless thought & consideration into the feel of the trucks and wheels, so you can enjoy joyriding electric as you would a classic.

Premium maple deck

This majestic maple flex allows you to ride over pebbles and cracks without feeling anything.

2023 CMAC Design

A Riding Piece of Art


E-Boards are much heavier than traditional boards. Our built-in carry handle allows you to comfortably carry your board with ease.

Advanced Remote

Easily change direction, speed, or check vitals on the remote.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Austin Lynch (Chicago, US)
Unbelievably Fun

The VibeRide Matrix E-Board is probably the most fun thing I’ve ever bought for myself. It’s insanely fast, has the ability to zip up fairly steep hills and has a very sturdy feel. Very happy with the board overall!

Tiger Dinh (Surrey, CA)
Comfy E-Board to ride

With my previous skateboard experience, this board was easy for me to learn. Even my friend with zero skating experience, felt comfortable and safe while riding it. I love how the wheels can ride over pinecones with ease and with the right bushings, it can curve super well. The handle to carry the board is such a great idea. Overall, this board has exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much VibeRide!


Great product and super fun! One item for improvement would be to remove the rubber footing grip tape and use the same sand epoxy grip that is on the brake boards.

Andrew Larson (Austin, US)
High quality, intuitive design

I had a cheap eboard for a year in college and it was my favorite thing in the world until its wheels started coming off because of poor build quality, the deck started chipping, and eventually the electronics failed and the thing was no more. I finally sprung for a replacement and got the Vibe ride this time and it’s clearly WAY higher quality. It handles well. It goes as fast as you would dare ride it. It’s got pretty standard range for an e-board and the handle in the board is actually such a nice feature because eboards are pretty heavy (this one included). I’ve only had it for a couple of months so can’t speak to the longevity of it but the build quality seems to be holding up really well. It’s a great board. Also almost completely silent which is nice.

Brandon (Meridian, US)

Great quality ride. Easy to figure out and get the hang of it. Would be awesome to have their mechanical brake on it but that’s ok. Overall an awesome, fun ride!

jorge marquez (Pachuca, MX)
Really cool

i'm 44 and i was looking for a transportation like that, i think that the Bad thing is the remote, looks fragil and it could have more features like velocity maybe, if you could incorporate cloud wheels it will be amazing!!

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