Skate Brake Retrofit Kit (Pre-Order)


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Size: 9.5in Kit
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Check Compatible with all longboard deck types.

PRE-ORDER: Ships By October 10th.
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This item is currently on pre-order. Ships by Oct 10.

How Does it Work?

Our kit will fit over 99% of decks. If you have a super unique setup, contact our support.

1. Choose Your Kit.

Measure your boards' rear truck width.

- If greater than 10in, choose 10.5in Kit.
-If less than 10in, choose 9.5in kit.

2. Install Your Kit.

Installing our kit is easy, and we give you all the tools you'll need.

The best way to learn how to install your Skate Brake is to follow our video guides. 

3. Bomb Your Dream Hills.

Easy as that, you've now got the world's first longboard brake on your board. 

Next step? Go bomb those monster hills on your bucket list.

What's Included?

Everything you need to install the Skate Brake on your own board.

Skate Brake Truck

Front Wheel Set

Bearings Sold Separately

Installation Tools

Adjustment Tools

Once you try a brake, you'll never go back.

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We Heard Your Questions.

Let's Get Technical

Engineering The skate brake™

Created by skaters, for skaters - the Skate Brake™ boasts over two decades of engineering refinement. The perfect combination of durability, functionality, and style. Each component of our custom skateboard brake is carefully designed and constructed to provide reliable and efficient braking, while also ensuring durable product, providing exceptional rider feel, and ease of use. The skatebrake will bridge the gap between the severe learning curve of skating and the enjoyment we want everyone to experience!

Ride Dream Hills, Without Needing Skills.

With Skate Brake, you can ride hills of any steepness with perfect speed control - and the ability to stop whenever.

Let's Get Technical

Why Skate with a Brake?

Ride Any Hill

There were so many epic hills that only pro-level powersliders could ride. With a speed control device, now all of us can go the speed we want, wherever we want. 

Forget Foot Braking

Is dragging a shoe on the ground, while balancing on one foot, really the best way to slow down? Let's put an end to holes in shoes, forever.

Less Wipeouts

Catch your falls before they happen, leaving the scrapes and day-enders behind.

No Shoes? No Worries.

Forget foot braking, with a longboard brake you can bomb hills barefoot and let the dogs feel the breeze.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Tyran Nguyen
Legacy Brakeboard Review (

I have searched far and wide for skateboard brakes and now I've found one that isn't a scam. I've heard SO MANY great things about the brake system, and I'm looking forward to using it on my own cruiser board.

Roman Malyarenko
Legacy Brakeboard Review (Facebook)

Excellent customer service, very helpful. Love the brakes. I use them on my esk8. I prefer using the extension pedal for better braking

Legacy Brakeboard Review (

The breaks work direct in a very gentle way, without any fear of falling off. I am very happy with a board that brakes without the necessity to put my shoes on the ground every time. Using the break paddle ables me to control speed in a much better way and gives me the possibility to keep better sight on trafic around me.

Legacy Brakeboard Review (Amazon)

Quite possibly the smartest purchase I have ever made! This thing is brilliant! I can't wait for these guys to blow up on the market because they deserve every bit of it! Thank you guys sooooo much for making such an ingenious device! This has made my commmutes so much better and safer and saved be a ton of cash on replacing shoes! Hahaha!

Dean Williams
Legacy Brakeboard Review (Facebook)

Think these are a great idea! Big Hills, Big Thrills, No Spills!!!

Warwick Jones
Legacy Brakeboard Review (Facebook)

Ok so after a major crash & 4 weeks off the board my new bakes are now installed. Holy **** these things are great. At 47 I don't have the flexibility I used to so thanks guys for creating these. First day out today....

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