Skate Brake Retrofit Kit

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Check Compatible with 99% of longboard deck types.

Check Easy installation (>5 minutes)

Check Comes with all tools needed.

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Size: 10.5in Kit

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How Does it Work?

Our kit will fit over 99% of decks. If you have a super unique setup, contact our support.

1. Choose Your Kit.

Measure your boards' rear truck width.

- If greater than 10in, choose 10.5in Kit.

-If less than 10in, choose 9.5in kit.

2. Install Your Kit.

Installing our kit is easy, and we give you all the tools you'll need.

The best way to learn how to install your Skate Brake is to follow our video guides. 

3. Bomb Dream Hills.

Easy as that, you've now got the world's first longboard brake on your board. 

Next step? Go bomb those monster hills on your bucket list.

What's Included?

Everything you need to install the Skate Brake on your own board.

Skate Brake Truck

Front Wheel Set

Bearings Sold Separately

Installation Tools

Adjustment Tools

How To Use Brake

Exactly like riding a normal longbard - just pivot your heel to slow down.

Skate Brake System

How Your New Brake Works


Brake System

Disc Brake

Brake Pad Material


Hanger Width



70 x 51mm, 78A PU 


Skate Brake is easy to use and smooth at any speed. It is engineered like a car brake, so the harder you press the more it will brake. To activate, pivot your back foot and press down, similar to a scooter. And don't worry, it will never throw you off the board.

Brake Pedal

This aluminum A380 pedal will become your new best friend. It's designed to withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure while providing a strong and sturdy platform for your weight. As an exposed component, it will see significant amounts of wear and tear, but you can trust your brake pedal to last. 

Brake Pads

Our advanced ceramic brake pads are the key to reliable stopping power. They dissipate heat quickly and provide superior grip, ensuring safe and efficient braking. Plus, they're easily replaceable so you can keep your brake working like new at all times.

Hanger and Base Plate

This A380 aluminum die-cast hanger and base plate provide the backbone of our brake. Built with high tolerances and rugged construction for unmatched durability, rider feel, and compatibility. You can trust our hanger and base plate to provide a stable and reliable foundation.

Brake Discs

Made of durable hardened steel, our brake discs can handle continuous abuse and thermocycling. They're built to last the lifetime of the brake, providing reliable stopping power whenever you need it.


Our 5052 sheet metal aluminum pusharms transfer vertical force to horizontal force on the brake discs via a simple pivot system.  Annodised with the stunning VibeRide blue, the pusharms also serve as the visual centrepiece of the brake truck.


Premium wheels with brake pads attached. Designed for all-around use, whether it's cruising, precision turning,  or high speed variable terrain.  These 70mm 78A PU wheels are the perfect complement to the brake, providing a smooth and reliable ride.


Brake System

Disc Brake

Brake Pad Material


Hanger Width



70 x 51mm, 78A PU Stone Ground

Real Reactions

First rides with the Skate Brake

Gabe Cruz - Braille Army

Beginner Skater - Hawai'i

JD Sanchez - Pro Skater

Experienced Skater - Hawai'i

Casual Skater - California

Beginner Skater - California

Experienced Skater - Hawai'i

Casual Skater - UCSD

Experienced Skater - California

Review Slideshow
I have searched far and wide for skateboard brakes and now I've found one that isn't a scam. I've heard SO MANY great things about the brake system, and I'm looking forward to using it on my own cruiser board.
Tyran Nguyen
Quite possibly the smartest purchase I have ever made! This thing is brilliant! I can't wait for these guys to blow up on the market because they deserve every bit of it! Thank you guys sooooo much for making such an ingenious device!
Moved to a Mountain town about a year and a half ago and wanted to get into long boarding. I quickly realized these hills were too intense for someone as inexperienced as me. This was exactly what I needed, I can do any of the hills here now confidently. Rides really smooth!
Austin Beales
Cruising in my city can be tricky as there are lots of hills and one has to stay on pavement/bike paths because of the heavy traffic. With BrakeBoard I can bomb the hills safely and the lack of space is not an issue anymore. Braking also stops the speed wobbles instantly.
It’s been two weeks since delivery and I have managed to rack up just over 50 miles on my new brakeboard! In conjunction with a land paddle I can cruise around the neighborhood without fear of building up too much speed on some of the long downhill sections.

Skate Brake FAQ's

Check out the most common questions we get asked about BrakeBoard.

Check out the most common questions we get asked about the Skate Brake.

Don't see your question? Contact our support team.

Contact Us

Our customer support is available Mon-Fri, 9am - 5pm MDT

Don't see your question?
Contact our support team.

Contact Us

Our customer support is available Mon-Fri, 9am - 5pm MDT

Viral Videos

Popular Videos Featuring the Skate Brake



Introducing the BrakeBoard & the Skate Brake.


Skating backwards, barefoot, with hot coffee.


From a dorm room idea to the world stage.


Settling this once and for all.


San Diego’s steepest hill - barefoot.


Wheel expands at 7,000 RPM!


Brake vs no brake.


Brake vs no brake.

Braille Tries the Skate Brake

YouTube's largest skateboarding channel tries VibeRide Skate Brake

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Tim Shao Ku Lee (Toronto, CA)
Item as described, great products!

Installation is straightforward and love the aluminum parts they used on the brake truck

Roman Kurteev (Madrid, ES)
Thanks, the brakes work great!

Everything regarding the mechanical part is done perfectly. But I have a wish: please make wheels with a diameter of 100mm. I know that cities in the US are structured differently than in Europe. In most of the cities where I live in Spain, the pavements have grooved tiles and local longboarders solve this problem by installing 100mm wheels, but your braking system does not allow the installation of wheels from other manufacturers, and your wheels are only good on asphalt. This makes it difficult for those who ride longboards in cities to use your braking system. If you make 100mm wheel sets, I'm sure a lot of people will be grateful. You produce a unique product and I wish you good luck in the development of your company.

Aaron Stephenson (Cockle Bay, NZ)
Skate Brake Retrofit Sector 9 Carbonite

Could not beat efficiency , ordered from Auckland NZ , received kit under 14 days. have set up onto my Sector 9 Carbonite deck with Bear front trucks. loving this set up and have tried out down my street which I would never have been able to skate down on normal longboard set up . also at bottom very short runoff before intersection . looking forward to finding some long runs over summer . money well spent and thanks Viberide crew

Matt s. (Seattle, US)
A Game-Changer for Longboard Enthusiasts of All Ages

As a 56-year-old newcomer to the world of longboarding, I recently embarked on a journey to master the art of cruising and sliding. While the idea of learning to slide at my age seemed daunting, the VibeRide longboard retrofit brake turned out to be a fantastic solution. This product is not just an accessory; it's a game-changer, especially for those who might find the traditional methods of slowing down a bit challenging.

The VibeRide brake is a beacon of hope for beginners and seasoned riders alike. It's not just a brake; it's a confidence booster. With just a few uses on slight inclines, I could feel a significant difference. This brake isn't a mere toy; it's a professionally engineered masterpiece that radiates serious craftsmanship. Its intuitive design not only ensures safety but also enhances the overall riding experience. It's clear that a lot of thought and expertise went into its creation.

One of the most significant advantages I found with the VibeRide brake is its potential to accelerate the learning curve for sliding. By providing a controlled environment to practice, it instills a sense of security that's crucial when bombing hills. This feature is especially beneficial for those who, like me, are new to the sport or feel apprehensive about high speeds.

While the brake elevates the rear of the board slightly, necessitating a new front truck to balance the height, this minor adjustment pales in comparison to the overall benefit and safety it provides. In hindsight, opting for one of VibeRide's ready-made longboards for like $50 additional cost would have been a wise choice, considering the seamless integration of their brake system.

In conclusion, the VibeRide longboard brake is an outstanding investment for anyone passionate about longboarding, regardless of age or skill level. It's a testament to innovative design and engineering, offering a safer and more enjoyable ride. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned rider, this brake is sure to enhance your longboarding experience, making every ride a smooth, controlled adventure. I highly recommend it to all longboard enthusiasts looking to elevate their riding experience.

EC (Johns Creek, US)
This changes everything!

Bought the pre-order retrofit kit back in July, received in Oct and put it on a Bustin Sportster deck the morning of Thanksgiving. Uhhhn-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE!!! I hadn't ridden my longboard in months; I live in a hilly area northern metro-Atlanta. I took my new ride to the local Starby's about a mile and a half away and I couldn't believe the control and confidence I had on the steep grades. And learning how to brake was instantaneous, like it was second nature. I was so impressed with what Carson and the crew have done, I purchased another retrofit kit before I could finish my coffee... need I say more?

Achim Runnebaum (Augsburg, DE)
Innovative Product and Great Service

I was really looking forward to this retrofit kit and I was not disappointed when it finally arrived here in Germany. Eager to try it out, I installed it without any problems on my drop through board. All the tools were provided and the install went quite smoothly. The ride itself is smooth, and opens up a whole new world of possibilities.
One little caveat is that the brake trucks are a bit noisier than a regular longboard when you’re riding it, due to the moving metal parts. This, however, has the effect that people will definitely hear you coming and pedestrians will most likely move out of the way much quicker. Perhaps this issue might be addressed in a future update.

Other than that, so far the trucks are great and I’m quite enjoying the ride. Would definitely recommend.