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Check Comes with Leash and Foot Pedal Brake

Check Universal Size - Kids Through Adults

Check Easy for Beginners

Design: Merry Marrow
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Meet the easiest board
in the world

Simply pull up to slow down.

Learn to Ride with the Leash

3 points of contact makes learning to ride a board incredibly easy.

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Then Swap it for the Foot Pedal

Once you've found your balance, graduate to the full brakeboarding experience.

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Switch It Your Way

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The adjustable leash brake (fits any height) gives extra balance and ease while riding & learning.

Watch a Quick Demo!

New Skaters Are Raving

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My family came for a visit over Easter and had a BLAST with the brakeboards ... in fact SO MUCH FUN that the wore out the brake cord one of them. The kids and adults each had a favorite so my cool grandmother cred was secure. 😊
Absolutely brilliant!!! My children have been asking to skateboard so I got them this and not only do they LOVE it, but I feel much more comfortable about their saftey. Really easy to ride and much more safe than a regular board.
As a beginner to skateboarding, I always struggled with the stopping part, which made me quite hesitant to ride. This leash brake is simply genius! I feel so much more in control, and it's incredibly smooth to operate. It's not just for kids, even adults like me find it super helpful and fun.
Fantastic longboard with great safety features! The leash brake system is easy for my son to use and gives me peace of mind. Love the option to switch to a foot pedal as he improves. Highly recommend for kids or beginners!
Heidi Davis
The leash brake system is genius—so intuitive and safe. Switching to the foot pedal was a breeze, and it's made my rides so much more enjoyable. Best purchase ever for a beginner like me

Fits any rider, child to adult.

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Riders in photo are under 5'

The Only Board to Ride Safely in Under 30 Minutes

With the braking leash, new skaters are able to safely balance on their first rides.

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How it Works

Once you've found your balance, graduate to the full brakeboarding experience.

Covered by our globally patented design.

10 Years of Innovation

10 years of perfecting this design, so you can skate without fear.

Customer Reviews

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I love the board! Me and my daughter play almost everyday. Easy to practice and the break give the beginner a peace of mind to be safe. Will recommend to anyone who wants to start playing a skateboard.

Melanie Mountanos (Redwood Valley, US)
love it

Great product and easy to use.

Campbell Todd (Savannah, US)


Lorrie Fernandez (Chicago, US)
Can ride safely

My grandson Loves the board alot and so do his friends he knows how to ride already but never felt safe for him since we have many driveways on the block . He tried with the string 1 day and wanted the brake on it was a little difficult to place it on but after some time it was done and he loves and we feel better now