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The world's first longboard with a brake. Featuring a smooth-to-press brake pedal & incredible design, BrakeBoard allows you to ride epic hills with ease.
Design: Vintage Valley
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Board Specs

Same factory as Globe, Sector 9, & others.



Maple, Drop-Through, 40"


Skate Brake - Ceramic Disc Brake


70mm, 78A Hardness


Paris-style, 50 degree trucks


Premium ABEC-7, Teal Blue



70mm x 51mm



Contact Patch







Truck Angle

50° Front & Rear

Hanger Width


Wheel to Wheel Width

10.5 Inches


A383 (ADC12)

Rake Offset

3mm front, 0mm back



Canadian Maple

Layer Count & Flex

7-Ply, Medium Flex






+30mm (9° nose to tail)


Brake System

Disc Brake

BrakeBoard Tested Speed


Brake Pad Material


Truck Type


Truck Width

10.5in, 180mm Hanger



40 Inches


8.5 Inches

Wheel Base

31.5 Inches

Front to Rear Axle

31.75 Inches

Outside Track Width

10 Inches

Skate Brake System

How Your New Brake Works


Skate Brake is easy to use and smooth at any speed. It is engineered like a car brake, so the harder you press the more it will brake. To activate, pivot your back foot and press down, similar to a scooter. And don't worry, it will never throw you off the board.

Brake Pedal

This aluminum A380 pedal will become your new best friend. It's designed to withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure while providing a strong and sturdy platform for your weight. As an exposed component, it will see significant amounts of wear and tear, but you can trust your brake pedal to last. 

Brake Pads

Our advanced ceramic brake pads are the key to reliable stopping power. They dissipate heat quickly and provide superior grip, ensuring safe and efficient braking. Plus, they're easily replaceable so you can keep your brake working like new at all times.

Hanger and Base Plate

This A380 aluminum die-cast hanger and base plate provide the backbone of our brake. Built with high tolerances and rugged construction for unmatched durability, rider feel, and compatibility. You can trust our hanger and base plate to provide a stable and reliable foundation.

Brake Discs

Made of durable hardened steel, our brake discs can handle continuous abuse and thermocycling. They're built to last the lifetime of the brake, providing reliable stopping power whenever you need it.


Our 5052 sheet metal aluminum pusharms transfer vertical force to horizontal force on the brake discs via a simple pivot system.  Annodised with the stunning VibeRide blue, the pusharms also serve as the visual centrepiece of the brake truck.


Premium wheels with brake pads attached. Designed for all-around use, whether it's cruising, precision turning,  or high speed variable terrain.  These 70mm 78A PU wheels are the perfect complement to the brake, providing a smooth and reliable ride.

Engineering the Skate Brake

Created by skaters, for skaters - the Skate Brake™ boasts over two decades of engineering refinement. The perfect combination of durability, functionality, and style. Each component of our custom skateboard brake is carefully designed and constructed to provide reliable and efficient braking, while also ensuring durable product, providing exceptional rider feel, and ease of use. The skatebrake will bridge the gap between the severe learning curve of skating and the enjoyment we want everyone to experience!

How To Use Brake

Exactly like riding a normal longbard - just pivot your heel to slow down.

Real Reactions

First rides using Brakeboard

Gabe Cruz - Braille Army

Beginner Skater - Hawai'i

JD Sanchez - Pro Skater

Experienced Skater - Hawai'i

Casual Skater - California

Beginner Skater - California

Experienced Skater - Hawai'i

Casual Skater - UCSD

Experienced Skater - California

Review Slideshow
The brake is unreal. Works as advertised, no gimmicks or BS. I can’t stress how cool it is, how easy it is to feather the brake to adjust speed, and how much control you retain over the board, even at high speeds.
This completely changes the game. I don’t know if I’ll go back to longboarding without this brake. Absolutely brilliant. I’ve put many miles and many hours on a longboard; I longboard for commute, and for leisure cruising and exercise.
Moved to a Mountain town about a year and a half ago and wanted to get into long boarding. I quickly realized these hills were too intense for someone as inexperienced as me. This was exactly what I needed, I can do any of the hills here now confidently. Rides really smooth!
Austin Beales
Cruising in my city can be tricky as there are lots of hills and one has to stay on pavement/bike paths because of the heavy traffic. With BrakeBoard I can bomb the hills safely and the lack of space is not an issue anymore. Braking also stops the speed wobbles instantly.
It’s been two weeks since delivery and I have managed to rack up just over 50 miles on my new brakeboard! In conjunction with a land paddle I can cruise around the neighborhood without fear of building up too much speed on some of the long downhill sections.

4.9/5 from 65+ reviews.

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BrakeBoard FAQ's

Check out the most common questions we get asked about BrakeBoard.

Check out the most common questions we get asked about BrakeBoard.

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Don't see your question?
Contact our support team.

Contact Us

Our customer support is available Mon-Fri, 9am - 5pm MDT

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Skating backwards, barefoot, with hot coffee.


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San Diego’s steepest hill - barefoot.


Wheel expands at 7,000 RPM!


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Braille Tries BrakeBoard

YouTube's largest skateboarding channel tries VibeRide BrakeBoard 

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Zach Loves It

Love the high quality material used in making this board and I also love how easy it is to ride and get used to the brake feature!

Cast One's Mind To

I think back approximately 26 years ago and that was the last time I rode a skateboard. Now at the present I find myself reminiscing and my fond memories of riding a skateboard.
With VibeRide's revolutionary design it gave me comfort, and confidence, to get back on a skateboard and feel self assured I can still ride.
With VibeRide's braking longboard, I've also been able to introduce My Daughter to skateboarding. It's been a real joy seeing her on the VibeRide Longboard
and, with no riding experience, become a smooth skateboarder!
VibeRide's Brakeboard has changed the skating World forever! Great Job VibeRide Team!!

Brake is 5 Star…board components need some love…

The brake is unreal. Works as advertised, no gimmicks or BS. In fact, the brake lever is made of bomber carbon fiber…light, looks sharp, and functions as a longboard brake system. I can’t stress how cool it is, how easy it is to feather the brake to adjust speed, and how much control you retain over the board, even at high speeds. I bought the VibeRide complete using a tester code (which was rad, thanks y’all) and would have paid the same amount for just the brake system alone. It’s that good…high quality construction of the brake system components, and fully adjustable. VibeRide included a tool kit and instruction pamphlet that breaks it all down super easy. I was super stoked on the adjustments!
I’ve only had the board for about a week, but I’m on it every day doing laps on the hills by the house…I just love being able to stop the board at any point and stay in total control…it’s SO RAD!
The components, however…they are serviceable. The wheels are ok, the board is ok, and the front truck is ok…middle of the road quality. Additionally, the “grip tape” is just course sand that has been glued to the top sheet. It loses sand every time you ride it. I even gave it the “barefoot” test from the marketing videos (which it totally passed! That’s no BS either), but sand comes off on the bottom of my feet. I feel that this version, sold as a complete, is essentially a minimal viable product…which is fine. The brake system, to me, is that good. I’ll still ride the board as much as I can because the brake is so fun to use.
All in all, I’m super happy about the VibeRide brake system…I hope in the future the components catch up in quality, but I can imagine it would raise the cost to the consumer (me!) considerably to do so. Just know that I’d pay it, VibeRide! Love the brake! Super stoked, thanks!

John Higham
Brakes work great, making adjustment for noise.

This board is awesome. Rode great right out of the box, stopped on point. I live in CT and this is perfect for cruising downhill on sometimes rough roads, safely now. I used to jump off and catch the board tail. Now I can go a reasonable speed and have control. Only thing I will look into is making it quieter with softer wheels and maybe adding some rubber bearings on the brake itself. Seemed to make a loud rattle when the brake is not engaged (CT roads). So that is all I would need to upgrade. Perfect board, just what I have been searching for.

Joseph Reilly
Brakes that work…Very Cool

I went for the complete VibeRide Board. The rear brake works great! Takes a few tries and I felt pretty confident. I’ve gone down hills that I was hesitant to go down before with conventional boards. There is a bit of noise from component vibration that was noted by other reviewers. The board has a lot of camber. Great board overall

Franklin Klock
Great First Impression!

Very nice board and the brake system is well engineered and manufactured.
I see myself putting a lot of mile on this board and brake system in the future.
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